Yung Lord Fine$$

Every lord needs a lady - album

Music By: Yung Lord Fine$$

Here are all the songs in the latest debut hip hop album of Yung Lord Fine$$.

1. Every King Needs a Queen (Intro)

This track of the hip hop album sets the tone for Yung Lord Fine$$’s introspective journey. It’s a raw and honest look at the complexities of modern relationships, underscored by a sense of independence and self-discovery. The lyrics, “She told me that she want a band so, I let her go,” reflect a poignant realization of letting go for self-growth, a theme that resonates throughout his music.

2. Tell Me You Love Me

In “Tell Me You Love Me,” Yung Lord Fine$$ explores the vulnerability of needing love and affirmation. The song is a heartfelt plea for connection and understanding, capturing the universal longing for companionship and the fear of loneliness. Its relatable lyrics and emotive delivery make it a standout track in the hip hop album.

3. Remember Me

“Remember Me” is a powerful ballad of lost love and lingering memories. The song in this hip hop album delves into the pain of a love that’s slipped away, yet the hope that the love shared will not be forgotten. It’s a testament to the lasting impact of relationships and the scars they can leave.

4. Thinking of You

This song is a night-time reflection, full of regret and yearning. Yung Lord Fine$$ articulates the struggle of moving on from a past relationship, with lyrics that paint a vivid picture of sleepless nights and a mind racing with ‘what ifs.’It’s a relatable anthem in this hip hop album for anyone who’s ever struggled to let go.

5. A Romantic Poem 4 U (Interlude)

In this interlude, Yung Lord Fine$$ shifts gears to a more introspective and contemplative mood. The lyrics are a poetic expression of unrequited love and the pain of watching someone you care about being mistreated in love. It’s a raw, emotional piece that showcases his ability to convey deep emotions through his music. It’s a must-listen song in this hip hop album.

6. Love Me, Love Me Not

This track in this hip hop album, is a heartfelt exploration of the uncertainties of love. The repeating lines, “Love me, love me not, I’ll give it all I got,” encapsulate the gamble of opening one’s heart to another. The song beautifully captures the highs and lows of seeking love and the constant wonder of whether it’s reciprocated.

7. Heart on Fire

“Heart on Fire” is a passionate declaration of intense love and desire. The song’s energetic beat and fervent lyrics convey a deep, burning passion that’s both exhilarating and consuming. It’s a song in the hip hop album that speaks to the transformative power of love and its ability to ignite one’s soul.

8. Every Little Thing

In this track, Yung Lord Fine$$ reflects on the small, everyday moments that make up a relationship. The song in this hip hop album highlights how even the most mundane aspects can hold significant meaning when shared with someone special. It’s a gentle reminder of the beauty in the ordinary when viewed through the lens of love.

9. You’re My Reason

This song is a heartfelt tribute to a significant other who has become the artist’s driving force and inspiration. The lyrics express gratitude and admiration, acknowledging the profound impact of a loving partner. It’s a touching ode to the power of love to provide purpose and direction in life. 

10. Whatcha Gon Do? (When I’m Gone)

Ending the album on a reflective note, this song poses a poignant question about legacy and remembrance. It’s a contemplative piece that explores the idea of what one leaves behind and how they are remembered by their loved ones. The song in this hip hop album combines introspection with a subtle urgency, prompting listeners to consider their own impact on the world.